Welcome to Japan business. We can support your business in Japan. Now Japan come up to the good times. So if you think of starting business it's great time. The government of Japan is doing monetary ease. And Olympic year is in 2020.

Starting business in Japan is not difficult and there are a lot of chances. If you have a unique and good quality product or service you should try it. But there are some steps to do business in Japan.

  1. Consulting
    You know there is a free consulting service in Japan. Invest Japan Business Support Center(IBSC) is an intergovernmental agreement. They can provide for foreigners much kind of advices. And we can connect you to the institution of the country.
  2. Facilities
    IBSC can provide temporary office also. The temporary office is allowed you using 50days free. But you need to look for your office for this term. So we can help you if you need.
  3. Getting workers
    If you don't have any staff in Japan. You may need to employ Japanese workers. However if you ask our service you won't need to employ the account department at least.
  4. Entry Procedures
    It is the most important step to get working visa. There are two ways to get it. One is way to get it oneself. This way is not certain and take long time(about 3 months). Another is to ask substitute he can get Certificate of Eligibility. This way costs money but certain and quick. If this step can't be clear you can't start business in Japan. So we must investigate your carrier very carefully.
  5. Establishment and running company
    If you can ready for starting business like the above matters in Japan, You should carry out your plans. But there is many things that you should take proceedings. For example register of companies or filing of paper to the a public office. In such a case, Please contact us. We can offer many services to help you.

Our principle

We have worked with foreigners for 40 yaers. So we understand of foreign company's difficulty. And We think that we have to support your business from your view. We shall similarly respect the legitimate interests of those with whom we have relationships. And We are required to comply with the laws.


2014.6.1 We transfered our office.
2014.5.30 We renewaled our homepege.

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