Type of operation

Foreigner can select the following type of legal entity when they make business in Japan. They are (1) Branch ,(2) Kabushiki Kaisha,(3) LLC,and (4) LLP.. Almost foreigner selects the style of Kabushiki Kaisha. Kabushiki Kaisha is legal entity of which shareholder owe limited liability at the amount of his investment at maxim. Branch office is branch of the head office and then, Branch shall disclose the BlanceSeet and PlofitLossStatement of head qurter when they file their tax return to the Japanese Tax Authority.

Visa Application

Foreigners who want to make business in Japan shall have working visa with his passport when he enters into Japan. There are following type of working visa a) Investor/business manager b) Engineer c) Specialist in humanities/international services d) Intra-company transferee These visas shall be granted by Japanese consulate out of Japan. However, it is very difficult to get it there. We can furnish you the eligibility for the visa which was issued in Japan and then, you can easily get it by the consulate by showing the eligibility which is sent from us.

Incorporation of a Joint Stock Corporation

Preparing for Incorporation

(1)Who will act as promoter
The incorporation of a joint stock corporation requires at least one promoter. There is no restriction as to the qualification of a promoter, but the promoter must affix his or her signature to the articles of incorporation and subscribe to at least one share. He or she may cease to be a shareholder by transferring his shares to other persons after the incorporation. A legal person or a foreigner may become a promorter.
(2)Search for Similar Corporate Names
A corporate name must be provided for in the articles of incorporation and be registered. The corporate name must be expressed in Japanese characters(hiragana,katakana and kanji) or letters of the alphabet. Under the corporate Law, registration of a similar corporate name in the same smallest administrative district is permitted. However, as an injunction may be filed after incorporation if use is made of a corporate name that may be conmistaken for that of another company for dishonest purposes, an investigation should be conducted beforehand if it is suspected that a corporate name may be the same as that of another.
(3)Corporate Objectives
The corporate objectives of the company must be provided for in its articles of incorpration and be registered. The corprate objectives must be expressed as specifically as possible and cover all the business activities in which the corporation intends to engage or is likely to engage in the future. In many cases, the statement that "the corporation will engage in any and all activities incidental to any of the above business activities,"is included.
(4)Determination of the Location of the Head Office
The location of the head office of the corpration must be provided for in its articles of incorporation and be registered.
It is possible to incorprate with zero capital. However, the amount of authorized capital must be provided for in the articles of incorporation. It is thus important to set the amount of authorized capital and number of shares to be issued upon incorporation at appropriate levels, bearing in mind the amount of capital required at the time of incorporation and the ability to increase capital to the extent of the authorized capital. The rates of income tax and local tax imposed on corporations and limits of deductible entertainment expenses vary according to the amount of the company's capital.
(6)Determination of Financial Year
A corporation must adopt any period not exceeding one year as its financal year and prepare accounts in accordance with that period. Most companies employ financial years that occur once annually. The last day of the financial year (i.e. the date of closing of accounts) should be determined after considering such factors as stocktaking, the convenience of account closing work, and the parent company's date for closing accounts.
(7)Determination of Bank for Handling Payments
All payments in cash for subscriptions must be made at the bank for handling payments which has been selected by the promoter and a "Commission of Share Subscription Handling" has been filed.

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